Twilight Phantom Bimetal Collection (Limited Release)

  • $109.00

The Twilight Phantom is a 7068 Competition Bimetal and my signature. It is a powerful, wide, and heavy beast of a yoyo. It is coming in 4 amazing colorways that will all release this year. The 7068 durability is off the charts as this yoyo can survive many dings on the floor. On the string, this yoyo feels light with an eerie smoothness despite it being almost 67 grams. The Twilight Phantom is truly a very interesting and amazing throw.
**Official price drop for World Yoyo Championships to $109!!!
Hidden Gem: The Hidden Gem Story - We posted colorway ideas many months back and are proud to be delivering to our Instagram community the highest voted colorway, Hidden Gem (Purple, Blue, Green Fade w/Rainbow rings).
Mountain Sunrise: We are a Colorado company and drew inspiration from the amazing sunrises we get to see year-round. This is a 5 color acid wash with Yellow Base Color, Purple, Pink, Salmon, and Violet Acid.
Cosmic Lava Lamp: This is our prototype color comprised of a 5 color acid wash including three shades of purple + blue and light blue. 
Fruit Salad: The Fruit Salad Story -The expression "cherries and blueberries" is used by me and my dad to describe the lights on a police car. So when we were in Texas after SCR on the way to Bachi's house, we saw a police car with red, blue, yellow, and green lights. So I go, "Dad look! Its cherries, blueberries, pineapple, and watermelon. It's a Fruit Salad! Thus this 5 color acid wash was born. 
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 47.5mm
Weight: 66.9g
Gap Width. 4.5mm
Material: 7068/Stainless Steel Rings + A little bit of magic