Twilight Phantom First Run

  • $129.00

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I am of the firm belief that everyone needs a signature yoyo, so I decided to cross my name off my extremely long list with this design. It's no surprise that this yoyo is my absolute favorite throw, but it's got the speed, power, and feel to make it your favorite too!
Hidden Gem: Our Instagram poll-winning colorway. (Green to purple fade w/ rainbow rings)
Mountain Sunrise: Our 5-color acid wash inspired by cozy mountain mornings. (Yellow base, two shades of pink, and two shades of purple)
Cosmic Lava Lamp: Our 5-color acid wash named after the cool effect we got on our prototype phantoms. (Three shades of purple, two shades of blue.)
Fruit Salad: Our funniest acid wash colorway inspired by a weird police car. (Teal base, red, yellow, green, and blue.
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 47.5mm
Weight: 66.9g
Gap Width. 4.5mm
Material: 7068/Stainless Steel Rings 

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